What to do if You are Hungry all the Time?

African American Parents Children Family Eating At Dining TableYou have made a quality decision to eat healthfully.  However, you are feeling hungry all the time.  What could you do about it?

This is a very common phenomenon and there are plenty of suggested remedies.  Some of these suggested remedies available are legitimate and some are completely absurd.

Consider this:  This is a very easy explanation: You feel hungry when your blood sugar drops too low.

Why?  When you eat, your pancreas starts producing insulin, which regulates blood sugar levels by making body cells to absorb and use glucose.

What is the cause? When you eat processed foods or simple nutrients or foods lacking nutrients, they are broken down by your body very quickly, and that confuses your pancreas making it overproduce insulin and use all the sugar in your blood very fast. Thus, your blood sugar drops too low leaving you hungry.

Moreover, while you have too much insulin in your blood, your fat cells won’t release fat to be used as fuel, and so you won’t burn any fat thus you keep feeling hungry.

Help is on the way:
1)  Whole grains are the good carbs, because your body breaks them down slowly, creating a slow steady flow of sugars. Your pancreas releases the insulin slowly and you don’t feel hungry. Moreover, when you have normal levels of insulin in your blood, your fat cells can release fat to be used as fuel, and you can lose weight.

2)  Avoid high sugar content foods or bad carbs.

3) Are you confusing being thirsty with being hungry?  Research shows that hunger signals in the brain can actually be confused with drinking water.   Thus, drink water.

4)  Are you eating nutrient dense or empty calories?  Are you eating foods high in sugar and bad fat and no fiber?   Eat more whole foods from this list here:

Quick Rundown of Whole grains you can eat:
Quinoa                         Spelt                            Millet                            Kamut
Brown rice                   Oatmeal                      Corn                            Wheat
Barley                           Rye                              Buckwheat

How can you incorporate these into your diet; for breakfast you can have these grains in the form of:    Pancakes        Waffles             Porridge

Lunch and possibly dinner you can have these grains in the form of:
Whole grain cooked like rice with gravy
Some come boxed in the form of pasta
Form them into patties
Cook them in soup or chili

Quick rundown on protein you can eat.
Beans and nuts and seeds whole or in the form of sprouts:
Bean – all 26 varieties;                         
Seeds:  sunflower, sesame, pumpkin
Nuts: almonds, walnuts, pecans, brazil, hazel

Here are some different fats to incorporate:
Flax, salmon n cod fish, pumpkin seed, borage, walnut, sesame seed oil all your nuts & seeds.
Best way to get your fats in is to include it in your healthy salad dressing. Or put it into your smoothie.

Fiber is in vegetation:
Bean, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits and grains

This is my favorite morning drink to get it all in and be satisfied for 3 – 4 hours.  You can do this or a variation of this depending on your digestion:

In a blender add
Water, some type of green powder, some form of vitamin c powder
2 types of fruit, yogurt with live active cultures, any type of seed, flax oil, cooked grains make about 16 oz.

When you have time to make a quality breakfast try this:
Hearty fruit salad with 3 – 4 pieces of cut up fruit in it.
Bowl of cereal with seeds and healthy butter or oil
Cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander
Waffles or pancakes or Toast with nut butters
Scrambled tofu

Hearty veggie salad of lettuces and peppers tomatoes, grapefruit, and papaya and non sweet fruits (tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant) and then have animal proteins.  These will digest better together.

When you have time to make a quality Lunch/Dinner:
Brown Rice or Pasta with sauce
Raw salad
Steamed veggies
Entre made with beans or nuts

 Make sure each meal has protein, carbohydrates, fat and fiber.

Eating huge portions will not satisfy your nutrient intake.  The food will most likely rot because there is not enough room to digest it properly, make you hungry soon after eating.  However, eating a well balanced meal with the four groups mentions above will keep you full for hours.

5)  Avoid foods with high sugar content or empty calories which are likely to cause your blood sugar levels to spike, triggering hunger and not satisfying your needs for nutrients.

6)  Drinking water or any liquid with the food you are eating is a bad idea which neutralizes the stomach secretions making it hard to digest the food you are eating causing it to not breakdown properly and can become and can lead to acid reflux, constipation, weight gain, fatigue, and other health maladies.

7)  Stop drinking 30 minutes before, and return to drinking 30 min after a meal if you have digestion.

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