You Are Worth More Than Your Car!

black carDetoxification is a universal agreement with natural healers that detoxifying your body is the most important thing you can do to restore or maintain your health. Detoxification (cleansing) does to our body what a tune up and an oil change does to your car. If you don’t maintain your vehicle it will not run properly. However, our bodies are no different. cleansing is the key to a long life of radiant health. Why, because most people are extremely toxic from all the heavy metals, environmental chemicals, food and cosmetic additives, food preservatives, and parasites that invade our bodies. The detoxification treatments will help remove these harmful things from your body extending your life.

There are a tremendous amount of cleansing supplements offered on the market that used over a fairly short period of time may have very unpleasant side effects, usually extreme headaches, nausea and flu-like symptoms. Our methods of detoxification are much different. We do it gently over a longer period of time with nothing but beneficial results. There are minimal side effects, and it can be done along with any other therapies, orthodox or holistic.

Just a thought: a detoxified system equals a strong immune system and with a good defense our bodies have a better chance at dealing with a host of health challenges and diseases. When you are ready to detoxify your body, call us at the Path of Life Wellness Center.  We are here to assist you.

The Importance of Detoxification

Water Being Poured Into GlassThousands of individuals all over the world routinely perform body detoxification plans on themselves in one form or another. There are many reasons for this, but the major one is to have a complete healthy body restored to life. There are so many things throughout our daily lives that destroy the bodies that we live in, and a detoxification plan aims to restore not only your immune system, as well as many other things on the inside of your body. But don’t take my word for it. Here are some reasons that those who usually perform body detoxification methods usually cite whenever speaking out the greatness of a total body cleanse:

Reason #1: Environmental Toxins

There are literally millions, possibly billions, of foreign substances that we inhale each week because of situations that are beyond our control. For example, when driving in your car you have no control over the smells that flow in and out of the car. Gas fumes, sulfur, paint ingredients, second-hand cigarette smoke, pesticides that are in our foods, shampoos for our hair, lawn care chemicals, along with virtually everything else under the sun, are all types of things that we inhale on a regular basis. Our minds are not aware of the horrible things that we come in contact with every day of our lives, but our bodies definitely are aware. Our bodies are made aware through the sicknesses and ailments that we face on a regular basis. For this reason, a total body detoxification is needed to rid the body of these horrible substances that we come in contact with throughout the days, months, and years that we live.

Check out my detoxification ebook to help you purge your system of those environmental toxins and get healthy, slim and cute for summer and how about for life. In these uncertain times, we have to keep on top of our health and not depend on others to do it for us. Detoxification is the way of life to get and stay healthy. You must do it for yourself, you owe it to yourself.  12 day detox n spiral 3D

Detoxification Fads: Is There False Hope or Truth to it?


Red and wet!In recent decades there has been a trend in the fads of dieting, and it is actually no different in the world of detoxification advocates. For those who continue to push detoxification diets there are a whole range of issues that they are not thinking about. For example, before one continues or starts a detox diet then everything about that person must be taken into consideration: his or her current diet, weight, current state of health, as well as body size and age. There may be some type of benefits that certain people experience by performing a detoxification diet in their lives, but let’s look at the ways in which there is false hope with the issue of detoxification:

#1: Detoxification Will Not Cure All!
There are many people who are suffering from major diseases and sickness, like certain types of cancer or other incurable diseases. However, the detoxification world makes everything out to be so simple that they put too much weight on some of the benefits of detox diets. If a person has been suffering from lung cancer for quite some time and sees advertisements for a total body detoxification and restoration product then he or she may easily buy into the false hope that is being presented.

Even though there are many benefits that a detox plan can help with, individuals have to realize that detoxifying your body will not help with any incurable diseases, certain types of cancers, other ailments and when your health is beyond the point of no return. Even though detoxification advertisements may make the issue out to be that detox drugs and therapies are the wonder drug of the century, this idea is certainly not true!

#2: Detoxification Will Not Lose Weight For You!
Another issue that many people need to take a step back and realize is that detoxification diets will not help you lose weight unless you change your lifestyle. Even though there are some advocates of detoxification systems that pretty much say everything to the contrary, weight loss will only take place if you give yourself a healthy change and lifestyle for the better.

An example of this would be someone who is overweight but continues to eat the fast food restaurant that is all over the city. For him or her a detoxification system may be needed, however, it won’t automatically help him or her to lose weight overnight! On the contrary, fast food needs to be eliminated permanently in that diet, and only then will be experience true weight loss.

All in all, it seems as thought the detoxification diets are truly a fad that needs to go away. Even though they are a good system for those who already have a healthy lifestyle and are not sick, it is so easy to understand how advertisements of different detoxification systems can emit false hope in the dark of the night. If you truly want a healthy body then you must strive for it because there is certainly no miracle trick, like the detox fads, that will accomplish that for you!

A true detoxification program that encourages good eating habits and teaches good lifestyle principles are a must to go along with any detoxification program.  Detoxification diets that only include pills in my opinion are a waste of time.  I have done such a program to understand what they are about and to have something to recommend to people who ask me for a quick fix and my health suffered at the hands of some Detox pills.  Now, I only do programs that involve a change of eating habits to encourage toxin loss.