17 Healthy Tips to Aid Your Retirement Planning Strategy

Coffee-2I had a thought provoking conversation with someone about not being able to enjoy what they worked so hard for. So, they thought God was against them. After considering their words, I decided I must start now to strategically plan for every aspect of my retirement.

Hopefully, this will help you consider not only your financial options in retirement, but, your health options also. Because, illnesses of any kind can put a strain or complete drain on your retirement savings.

It is inevitable, that everyone will retire from work one day. The question is what state will you be in when you retire? Meaning:
1. will you be physically able to enjoy your retirement & savings? Or
2. will you only retire to expire soon thereafter.

Also, reaching for the stars is a good thing. The question is what shape will you be in when you get there?  You must consider what end your current habits will bring!

What habits you ask? Consider this: what is the result of planting/sowing apple seeds into good nutrient dense soil, a healthy apple tree that bears healthy apples — right. You can’t sow an apple seed and get watermelon, just as you can’t sow meanness and expect people to treat you kindly. On the flip side, can’t sow greasy, fast, processed foods of all kinds and white foods devoid of nutrients, and get good health. Putting these and enriched foods into your body, will help you harvest clogged arteries, heart attack, strokes, lupus, diabetes, high cholesterol, fatigue, sicknesses, diseases and general poor health.

Get the point, there are habits you can’t have and choices you don’t want to make, because they will cause you to expire in some capacity soon after you retire whether by causing your funds to expire on medical care quickly leaving you helpless and stressed or leaving you lifeless in many ways, if you know what I mean.

To emphasize my point, let me stress the negative side of things first. These bad habits and poor choices can and will eventually keep you from enjoying what you have worked very hard for:
1. Lay around and don’t exercise
2. don’t drink water….little water and your inside become stagnant like a nasty pond
3. don’t eat vegetables and fruit
4. don’t clean your environment
5. work 12 or more hours daily and don’t sleep or rest
6. Drink alcoholic beverages regularly or socially
7. Smoke cigarettes and cigars regularly or socially

Hope I shocked you a little. Now, get in the mindset to leave these behaviors behind because they are the bad seeds being sown that will cause some aspect of the seemingly good health you enjoy today to begin to fail. Then, all the prosperity and wealth you attained for a fabulous or even comfortable retirement will be spent on medical treatments and the merry-go-round of medications to get you well.

I know of a man who expired a few weeks after moving into the fabulous home he built after retiring from work. He planned for a good end, but, in the process he possibly ate rushed meals at work and/or in his car; did not sleep regularly; did not drink water so he won’t have to sit on public toilets; stayed stressed watching his investments go up and down; had little to no outlet or free time to spend with family, friends and loved ones to have a emotional or sexual or imbalanced sexual cleansing or release.

I know of several stories like this. We are all guilty of this and do not consider it until it is too late to do anything about it.

Why, like most teenagers we think we are invincible. We think we are fine and wonderful when we don’t have any physical issues. However, we don’t know what is going on, on the inside of our bodies. The inside of our body is a mystery to us until manifested on the outside in the form of some symptom or odd looking condition or disease. So, we must take care of ourselves always–starting from the age of accountability through young adulthood and beyond.

Put it this way, you never know when that last cup of caffeinated beverage will be too much and cause an irreparable crash; you don’t know when that one glass of alcohol will be too much for your liver to bear. You just never know! For example, consider that a small constant drip of water can overflow a big bucket over a short period of time. And so does making constant poor choices even small ones over and over can give way to big consequences like hurting feet, swollen ankles, loss of teeth, poor eyesight, aches and pains, chrons, colitis, and constipation, mental and physical conditions of all kinds.

With all that said, here are some things you want to do if you want to retire healthy; the opposite of which can lead to untimely death.

1. know what weight is ideal for you height and bone structure–get there and stay there
2. lay off the coffee and other caffeinated beverages
3. go to bed early without tv to have energy for the next day
4. I must say this, change your undergarments and clothing daily
5. change your bedding and bed clothing regularly and give your bed sheets exposure to the sun shine daily if possible.  This helps to sanitize the sheets by the UV rays of the sun
6. expose your body to the sun daily
7. don’t hold your waste in just let it out soon after nature gives you the urge to go
8. enjoy your life get active…walk, run, play tennis even if you’re not great at it, play tag with the kids or grandkids…just get up get moving…
9. laugh, smile and have a good time
10.  drink water… it is the river of life
11. be forgiving and don’t hold grudgesI
12. don’t blame God, others and yourself for mistakes and all the woes in life.  Stuff happens, seek the lesson in the situation, learn the lesson and move on…..
13. learn from your mistakes
14. don’t hold everything in, let things go.  It is easier said than done, but, it only hurts you.
15. don’t entertain fears, worry, anxiety, it will destroy your body through your kidneys
16. don’t entertain and hold on to anger, resentments and bitterness, it will destroy your body through your liver
17. don’t keep negative people around you.  (I had this lesson to learn)

Actually, I had to learn each lesson.  Now, I can let others know the value in each healthy principle.

Once I worked with a young lady whose mother saved her money all her working life waiting to retire from work in style and to live the life she wanted. Her mother died three months after she retired and never got to go on the trip she just purchased with some of her retirement savings.  Her mother never got to enjoy her house she waited to remodel.  Her mother never got to enjoy her clothing she gathered to wear on her fancy vacation.  Her daughter did.  She didn’t want the vacation to go to waste and couldn’t redeem the value.

My friends, you were made for more. So, as you spend your time bumping and grinding to make that money hoping to get more money to take you to the next level of success and prosperity; remember to take care of your health and spiritual things.  After you have arrived (where you want to be in life) or find yourself in a state of success or retirement you want to be strong, vibrant, energetic, mentally sound, balanced, vivacious and look fabulous so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

So, remember if you sow into your body rivers of fresh running water, fresh produce, good thoughts and good will, you will harvest good health to enjoy the things in life you have worked hard for and accumulated for yourself.

Go in Peace