May 13

Gluten-Free Eating

Gluten Free just say noBy now everyone has heard the term gluten-free.  However, with a little knowledge it does not have to be feared or challenging.  I have even heard people ask if this or that juice or fruit is gluten free.  When I heard these questions asked, I had to laugh and say “seriously!”  These questions to me were overboard.  Fruit is gluten free.  Water is gluten free.  But, I have to realize some people just don’t know or just want to be careful.  However, a fruit salad may not be gluten free depending whether or not additional ingredients suspect in nature are in it.  But, straight from the tree, bush or vine–it’s gluten-free.

Grains, some not all, contains gluten.  The most notable grains with gluten are:  rye, wheat, triticale, kamut, semolina and barley.  Spelt has a little gluten and is a relative of wheat.  However, most people can tolerate small amounts of spelt in place of wheat.  Oats are suspect and have a substance called avenin which is similar to gluten’s structure and sensitive people probably cannot tolerate oats either.

To live gluten-free you want to stock your shelves with safe grains such as:  rice, quinoa, millet, corn, aramanth, kamut, teff, wild rice, sorghum, arrowroot, all beans, all nuts, root vegetables, fruits and tapioca.  This list is a basic staple food list to build your recipes upon to create fantastic meals for you to dine on.

Also, to make gluten-free eating more pleasant, there are a plethora of spices, herbs and sweeteners to enhance your recipes.  To keep gluten free when enhancing your food, carefully read spice mix packages.  Some may contain wheat starch.  However, to stay on the safe side, use single herbs and not mixes.



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