Mar 25

Be Fabulous At Any Age

indian lady in marketJust thought I’d share some foods that I snack on to be healthy and have others eating as well.  Some of them may be quite pungent but they taste good and are good for you too.  Try these foods listed here to be fabulous at any age.

Apple Cider Vinegar
I feel in love with ACV.  I make a sour aid out of it; sort of like a lemon aid drink.  Just a whole lot more pungent.  I mix it with really raw honey and  either drink it hot or cold.   I purchase the Braggs ACV which is aged and not fermented.  Therefore, it is healing and not harmful to you as other vinegars can be.  ACV can help your digestion by stimulating stomach acids, your gut flora aiding in its healthy growth pH balance. You can use it to make your own salad dressings or just add to water and drink throughout the day.  It also helps in weight management.

Grew up on this.  At one time, a friend from Africa called this poor folk food and refused to eat my cabbage.  Well, at the time I cooked it with canned corned beef.  Now, I respect the cabbage because of all it can do for the body.  I mostly eat it raw as in coleslaw. I also juice it to keep my stomach healthy especially if I went through some stress.  It can heal ulcers and stress promotes ulcers. So, I keep this around to buffer me in times of crises. This cruciferous vegetable is also good for cancer along with the other cruciferous veggies like broccoli, kale and cauliflower.   It is also packed with anti-aging phytonutrients and the antioxidant sulforaphane, which helps the body manufacture another powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant compound called glutathione. The pungent smell of cabbage is actually reflective of its benefits: cabbage is rich in sulfur making it good for skin sores.  It can be fermented into sauerkraut releasing its beneficial bacteria.  It can then be eaten with salad or on a hot dog–a healthy one of course.

Garlic is great for high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. It contains sulfur which can give you healthy skin and hair. Garlic is best eaten fresh or aged to achieve it benefits. The best way to get it raw is to blend a few cloves into your own homemade hummus or guacamole to get the most nutrition from fresh the raw garlic. The antibiotic, antifungal compound called allicin that is found in crushed or chopped garlic helps give it its blood-purifying, immune-strengthening properties. .

Nutritional Yeast
I love this stuff on popcorn with some olive oil and sea salt.  “That there is some good eating. Nutritional yeast has a cheesy like taste and is good sprinkled on vegetables and cooked into sauces.  It is packed with skin-strengthening B-complex vitamins, 18 amino acids and an impressive lineup of minerals sure helps in learning to love it. Nutritional yeast is also a complete protein. Sprinkle some over air-popped popcorn for a savory snack that’s great for your skin.

I have found these Seaweed snacks at the health food store.  They are 10 tiny sheets to a pack and taste awesome.  Again, I turned my friends on to them.  For gatherings I have to bring many packs to share, bcuz, I can’t keep them to myself. I found them at MOMS. There are other seaweeds but not for snacking only cooking or sprinkling on salads like dulse and kelp.  However, seaweed is a concentrated source of nutrition, especially minerals like iron, manganese, iodine, copper, zinc and selenium that are important for beauty. Both zinc and iron are strong hair essentials, while manganese is critical for strong bones and connective tissue. And the iodine in seaweed is processed by the thyroid gland to become thyroid hormone, which stimulates energy production.

Hope you go out to your favorite health food store and stock you pantry with these items.  They may be strange, but learn how to add them to your repertoire of dishes, snacks and drinks.


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