Feb 12

Drink Soft, Live Hard: Why Sodas are NOT Really that Soft? Part One

Open Aluminum CanAccording to a study from Japan, drinking soda regularly can seriously increase your risk of stroke as well as increase your waistline.  Researchers tracked the soft drink consumption of 39,786 Japanese men and women over 18 years, and found that women who reported drinking about one sugary soda per day were 83 percent more likely to suffer an ischemic stroke than women who consumed soda infrequently or not at all.  More troubling is the fact that among women who reduced their soda intake during the first three to nine year of the study, their risk of stroke did not diminish.

This means that even if you quit drinking soda your soda habit can be deadly for years in the future.

According to the National Stroke Association, as many as 80 percent of strokes can be prevented by lifestyle changes.  You are doing somewhat better if you already stay keep soda at bay, however, you are not off the hook. Moderate your intake of all sugary drinks to reduce your risk of stroke. Want to know what sugary drinks to avoid (or totally cut out of your life)? You already know that drinking sugary beverages is bad for your waistline. Now there’s evidence than it can lead to serious trouble in your head, too. Turns out drinking soda regularly can seriously increase your risk of stroke, according to a study from Japan.

Let me help you to really understand what is going on; with high sugar consumption blood vessel damage and plaque build-up that narrows or completely blocks arteries can contribute to Ischemic stroke from clogged arteries which prevent blood from getting to the brain.  Soda could pack a one-two punch: First with the sugar, and second with the caffeine, which can potentially lead to an increased risk of high blood pressure—another risk factor for stroke, says James Conners, M.D, stroke neurologist at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.  So, for these reasons try to curtail the soda mis-named soft drink.  Let me leave your with this chart and next time I’ll talk about alternatives to soft (hard) drinks.

Check our chart, below:

Beverage (typical serving size)

Grams of sugar

Regular Coco-cola (12 oz)

39 g

Regular Sprite (12 oz)

39 g

Tropicana Orange juice (8 oz)

22.5 g

Mott’s Apple juice (8 oz)

28 g

Ocean Spray Cranberry juice (8 oz)

36 g

Chocolate milk (8 oz)

24 g

Minute Maid Lemonade (8 oz)

27 g

Monster Energy Drink (16 oz)

54 g

Vitamin Water Revive Fruit Punch

13 g

Red Bull (8.3 oz can)

27 g

Regular Snapple Peach Iced Tea (8 oz)

24 g



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